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Our Services

"At Practically Perfect, we offer a wide range of services designed to help you look and feel your best. Whether you're looking to sculpt your body, erase signs of aging, or achieve a more youthful, radiant appearance, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals."

This is a growing list as we add more and new services!! So check back regularly leading up to the grand opening because so much is coming!

All Appointments Have A 48 Hour (business day) Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy  - Please be sure to read our polices linked at the bottom if you have any questions. 


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment that freezes away localized, stubborn fat (that is not responding to diet and exercise) without surgery and little to no downtime. The CoolSculpting
procedure is cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental (under the chin) and submandibular (under the jawline) areas, thigh, abdomen, and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as the banana roll) and upper arm.

The CoolSculpting procedure is not a treatment for weight loss.


Don’t imagine results see them!

PDO Mid-Face Lift

PDO Mid-Face Lift or PDO soft threads for Nasolabial Folds, Marionette lines, under Eye area, Cheeks, Chin, Brow Lift, and Lip area treatment is suitable for anyone looking to improve the appearance of sagging skin, reduce lines and smooth, and/or add volume depending on the
area treated. The PDO treatment lifts and tightens skin, using threads made of polydioxanone which is a dissolvable suture that produces immediate skin lifting through mechanical effects
and long-term through collagen formation to improve skin texture, fine lines, and elasticity. A PDO treatment is minimally invasive. After numbing and infusion of local anesthetic the PDO threads are inserted via cannulas under the skin. Once inserted the threads anchor the skin
and lift it upwards or support from below. It’s best suited for men and women who are unwilling to tolerate the long downtime of a surgical face lift but still want to look refreshed and lifted naturally with minimal downtime and minimal cost.

Sexual Wellness

The Emsella Chair is a non-invasive medical device that uses high-intensity electromagnetic waves to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting the bladder, uterus, and rectum, and when they weaken, it can lead to issues such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.

Using the Emsella Chair is a quick and easy process - you simply sit fully clothed in the chair, which emits electromagnetic waves that stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax. The treatment is painless and requires no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after.

The Emsella Chair is an effective solution for both men and women who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, and it can significantly improve quality of life by reducing urinary leakage, improving sexual function, and reducing pelvic pain. It's also a great option for those who want to avoid surgery or medication. 

Scientific research has shown that 95%of treated patients reported significant improvement in
their quality of life.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction is a cosmetic procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body, such as the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area and Brazilian, and back. The laser targets the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles,

which absorbs the light and hears up, damaging the follicle and inhibiting growth. It can be done on any skin type; however, it will require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. 


Fillers such as Juvederm and Belotero are injectable cosmetic treatments that are used to restore volume, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and enhance facial features. They are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps to keep the skin plump and hydrated. When injected into the skin, fillers can help restore volume in areas that have lost volume due to aging or weight loss, such as the cheeks, lips, and used to smooth out wrinkles in fine lines such as those around the mouth and nose. The products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic, which helps minimize discomfort during the injection process.
Regular touch-up treatments are required to maintain the desired results.


EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive medical device that uses a combination of electromagnetic waves and radiofrequency energy to tone and strengthen muscles, while simultaneously reducing unwanted fat in the targeted area. It's a safe and effective solution for those who want to improve their body shape without surgery or downtime.

The EMSCULPT NEO is suitable for people who are looking to improve muscle tone and reduce fat in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It's also a great option for those who want to enhance their fitness routine and achieve better results from their workouts.

The benefits of EMSCULPT NEO include improved muscle tone, reduced fat, and increased strength and endurance. It can also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance overall body contouring.


Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to remove those pesky dead skin cells. A handheld device is used to gently buff the skin, with a diamond tip working to remove
the topmost layer like sandpaper. (But don’t worry. It’s not as intense as it sounds).

After this, a vacuum sucks up the exfoliated skin cells. The result? As well as removing dead skin cells, the treatment can help with dullness. It can help to achieve smoother and younger-looking skin.
After multiple treatments, you may notice a reduction in mild to moderate acne,
hyperpigmentation (melasma, sunspots), fine scars, and fine lines, as well as improved skin tone and clarity. The treatment helps with collagen stimulation, which can increase skin renewal. This helps to improve the skin’s surface, smoothing and reducing the visibility of fine line and wrinkles.

Motus AZ+ Laser

Motus AZ+ Laser builds upon proven Moveo technology making it possible to treat all skin types safely and comfortably with the highly effective 755 nm Alexandrite technology for a breakthrough pain-free laser treatments including Laser Hair Reduction (HR) and Pigmented Lesion Reduction (PL) for pigment issues. The Motus AZ+ also
has a 1065nm laser for Skin Revitalization (SR-collagen stimulation) and Vascular
Lesion Reduction (VR). Because of these groundbreaking technologies, we can combine PL, SR, and VL into a single, no-downtime treatment session to target multiple concerns and take results to the next level. The layering approach, termed Moveo Glo, is available now. Several factors contribute to the unmatched comfort of Motus AZ+treatments. First, only Motus AZ+ employs Moveo technology – the in-motion, gradual
heating that eliminates the “rubber-band” sensation that other lasers and IPLs create.
The sapphire tip with contact-cooling further enhances treatment comfort. Finally, without the need for numbing cream, treatments are quicker and much preferred by patients.

PCA Peels

PCA has a wide range of peel options available to our clients from peel
alternatives to TCA Peels. Starting with a variety of peel alternatives to keep skin free of pollutants and
toxins, leading to brighter and clearer complexion, especially in breakout-prone skin which are suitable for all skin types. The No-Peel Peel is the latest PCA innovation that offers a blend of exfoliating acids and soothing ingredients. This entry-level professional peel is suitable for all Fitzpatrick’s and skin types making it perfect for first-time peel patients and those with sensitive skin. PCA’s three modified and enhanced Jessner’s peels soften the appearance of surface lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds, to help promote a clear complexion, smooth skin texture, and even skin tone. They are especially beneficial for oily skin. These blends combine AHA and
BHA with kojic acid (with or without hydroquinone) with a modified Jessner’s solution to address uneven skin tone from sun damage and hormonal changes. All four of the PCA Skin TCA solutions are exceptional for aging skin, break-out prone skin, improving the appearance of fine lines, and promoting even skin tone.


Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment, which typically involves using a scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz.

The treatment aims to leave the skin exfoliated as well as looking radiant and smooth. This treatment not only exfoliates the skin and removes soft facial hair,
but also allows for deeper product penetration. Dermaplaning facials help brighten, hydrate, and plump skill filling in fine lines with power serum, peptides complex, and powerlifting

CoolPeel Laser

CoolPeel laser treatment is a brand-new way to safely and comfortably deliver the benefits of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment by targeting the superficial layer of
skin tissue and removing damaged skin revealing younger and healthier looking skin.
CoolPeel laser treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical office procedure that reduces
sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, rosacea, large pores, and blemishes to reveal smoother, healthier, younger looking skin with a more even tone and texture.
Traditional CO2 lasers in the past were the gold standard for treating wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes, however the traditional CO2 treatments are
accompanied by considerable downtown and risk while damaged skin heals. The many advances in CoolPeel laser treatment can deliver a fractional ablative treatment without the downtime. The CoolPeel offers minimal risk of hyperpigmentation, demarcation, or
induced infection versus the high risk traditional CO2 treatments.


Exion - is a single-pass radiofrequency synchronized Microneedling procedure for greater depth and more comfort. This new skin treatment combines monopolar
radiofrequency (RF), targeted ultrasound, and microneedling with precise energy
delivery to deeper skin layers. The Exion Fractional RF delivers energy up to 8mm
without physically inserting needles into the deeper layers, allowing for a more
comfortable treatment experience. As a result, patients can achieve significant
improvements in skin texture, often without the usual discomfort of deep tissue treatments. Utilizing a patented blend of Monopolar Radiofrequency, Targeted Ultrasound, and Microneedling, the EXION Face applicator stimulates the fibroblasts within the deep layers of dermis. This stimulation increases hyaluronic acid, collagen,
and elastin production, which significantly enhances the skin and overall appearance,
texture, and health. The procedure can be performed on certain areas on the body that have laxity or textural issues.

Kissed With Ink - Permanent Makeup

Unleash your inner allure with the magic of permanent makeup. Our expert artist crafts stunning, seductive looks that bring out your unique beauty. Whether it's perfectly sculpted eyebrows, luscious lips, or mesmerizing eyeliner, our permanent makeup solutions are here to enhance your natural features and make heads turn. Wake up feeling effortlessly glamorous every day, with no smudging or smearing to worry about. From subtle enhancements to bold statements, our customized and long-lasting permanent makeup treatments will leave you feeling confident, sexy, and ready to conquer the world.


Rediscover Youthful Radiance with Neurotoxin Treatments. Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles with the power of Botox and Xeomin. Our expert practitioners use these safe and proven neurotoxins to relax facial muscles, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Experience the transformative effects of neurotoxin treatments at our med spa today."


As we get older, we get laxity in our facial muscles, which, combined with loss of
collagen and elasticity in our skin, leads to sagging skin and an aged appearance.
Think: muscle atrophy, loss of volume, deepening of hollows beneath the eyes
and temples, and reduced definition along the contours of the face and edge of
the jawline. Hence, the need for non-surgical advancements in facial rejuvenation to address both skin quality and muscle tone. Enter: EmFace.


EmFace is the first and only needle-free, hands-free procedure that
simultaneously treats facial skin and muscles in a 20-minute session.


utilizes the simultaneous application of Synchronized Radio Frequency (RF) and
High-intensity Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFES) technologies to affect
facial skin, muscles, and connective tissue. The result is less wrinkles, more lift,
naturally and without needles.

VI Peels

A VI Peel is a type of chemical peel that uses a combination of different acids to exfoliate the skin and improve its appearance. The acids used in the VI Peel include trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, phenol, retinoic acid, and vitamin C.


The VI Peel works by penetrating the outer layers of the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This can help improve the texture and tone of the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize the appearance of age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation.

Some of the benefits of a VI Peel include: Improved skin texture and tone, Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Minimized appearance of age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation, Increased collagen production, Smoother, more youthful-looking skin

The VI Peel is designed for all skin types, but it may be especially beneficial for people with:

-Sun-damaged skin

-Acne-prone skin

-Age-related skin changes, such as fine lines and wrinkles

Chemical Peels

A chemical face peel is a cosmetic procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to exfoliate and remove the outermost layers of dead skin cells. This process can improve the appearance of the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars.

There are different types of chemical peels available, ranging from light to deep peels, and the type of peel that is right for you will depend on your skin type and the desired results.

During the procedure, the chemical solution is applied to the face and left on for a specific amount of time, depending on the type of peel. You may experience some mild discomfort or stinging during the procedure.

After the peel, you can expect your skin to be red and possibly swollen for a few days, and you may experience some peeling or flaking of the skin as the new, fresh skin underneath is revealed. It's important to protect your skin from the sun during the recovery period and to avoid picking at any peeling skin.

Overall, a chemical face peel can be a safe and effective way to improve the  skin to enhance the appearance as well as improve its functionality.

All Appointments Have A 48 Hour (business day) Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy  - Please be sure to read our polices linked at the bottom if you have any questions. 

All Appointments Have A 48 Hour (business day) Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy  - Please be sure to read our polices linked at the bottom if you have any questions. 

What Our Clients Say


Avery, Heather

Practically Perfect Med Spa is exceptional in every way. The staff is warm, friendly, and professional, and the facility is impeccably clean and modern. I highly recommend this business for anyone looking for excellent patient care in a welcoming environment. I am looking forward to many treatments here!
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